A great logo could speak about your brand. It is not just a beautiful image, but visual symbol identity that will help your customers tell different from the other companies and drive more business.

You can recognize some famous logos we already know at a glance like Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, and etc. That is because you can make some connection between the brand and the logo of the company.

For startup’s who want to get a logo in a very limit budget, there are massive programs available for them to use effortlessly. Below mentioned are the five best online logo makers.

Best Online Logo Makers

1. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is really easy to use, you do not need to download it to access this program, you only need to register a DesignEvo account and then just a few mouse clicks you can design beautiful logos.

The tool has 9,000+ premade logo templates, an extensive collection of resources including 1,000,000 icons, hundreds of fonts and shapes. With these abundant designing elements, you make your logo designing easier.

2. Logaster

With Logaster, you can create a fantastic logo in just four easy steps. First, enter the name of your company to start your logo creating.

After doing this, you will be shown several examples of logos to choose from. Once you pick your logo concept, you can change the colour, text and even the icons used before saving your logo. Download the small logo for free or purchase the high-resolution file for a minimal fee.

3. Canva

You may know Canva as a social networking tool, but it also can be used to create free logos. Canva has a drag-and-drop interface that is ideal for those who have no design experience.

In a simple five-step process you can create a free logo with more than 100 templates to select. The best part is that the logo will be high resolution at no additional cost.

So you can use a free logo maker, which you can easily use without any design experience. You can even download the application and design your logo directly on your mobile phone.

4. Ucraft

Do you want to create a free logo? Ucraft is a website design company that offers a free tool to design free logos. It allows you to make a logo with a wide variety of icons, shapes, and text.

You can create and export your logo quickly in this user-friendly application. It is required to make an account to download the logo for free, but still, you would need to pay a small price to get a better resolution one. Once created, you can download a transparent file of high resolution.

5. DesignHill

Designhill is another logo creator that allows you to create your own logo at no cost. It has more than 1000 logo designs to choose from.

This platform enables you to create a free logo, choosing your own design and editing the colours, fonts and texts according to your own preferences.

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