Can You Make Money With A Dedicated Server?

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    Why do people rent servers? The most apparent and common motive is creating websites to develop their businesses and eventually make money.

    There are, however, various ways a dedicated server allows you to make money, which may seem not so apparent at first glance.

    That’s why we’ve decided to write this article and have a look at these ways. But first, let’s look at what the advantages of dedicated hosting are.

    Why Dedicated Server?

    You may wonder why we are talking about dedicated servers, as there are many various hosting services. Of course, you can do many things on a dedicated server when compared with any other server solution.

    However, the dedicated server provides you with the highest quality and biggest quantity of resources, which multiplies the ways you use your server to make money and hence your eventual revenues.

    Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a dedicated server.

    Advantages of Dedicated Server

    1. Performance:

    A dedicated server is a server that is entirely at your disposal. With this, you have all the resources of the server – CPU, memory, storage, bandwidth, and so on available. These allow you to maximize the efficiency of any action you can perform with the server. 

    2. Realiability:

    No other hosting provider can provide you with this high degree of reliability that is available on dedicated hosting. Since you have dedicated resources, only you are responsible for how they are used, thus you get much control and unpredicted incidents are least likely to happen.

    If you are using shared hosting you have, on the contrary, a lot of neighbors. Any of them may at some moment start using too many resources so that there isn’t much left for your website and it may freeze or go down.

    Apart from the bare experience of your users that eventually affects your site’s attendance, the uptime of your site contributes to its SEO.

    Search engine optimization: 

    If your goal is to increase your income, then the success of your website depends in many ways on the number of visitors, and how many clicks your site gets, in particular via search engines.

    In order to rank highly in search engines, in other words, to have a good SEO, the website must meet certain criteria. The website must have continuous uptime together with a high page load speed.

    If the site’s load time exceeds 3 seconds, it gets lower rankings which leads to your site eventually being lost in the darkness of ages.


    Dedicated hosting provides you with the best standards of security among hosting solutions. The physical environment is fully dedicated to you, so the chance that somebody hacks it is much lower than on shared hosting, which is of great advantage both for you and your customers. 

    How To Use Your Dedicated Server For Making Money?

    As you have seen, a dedicated server is the best solution to provide hosting of quality to anything. The next question is, which are the ways of implementing these capacities into something that will increase your revenues.

    Developing your business:

    There are various ways to develop your business with dedicated hosting. The Internet permeates deeper and deeper in the lives of the entire civilized world, making the web presence an indispensable part of any online business nowadays.

    A website can be either a small business card that will present you and your services to your potential customers, or it can be a large shop, an e-commerce website. You can also use your website to run apps with premium subscriptions, and stream content.


    Whatever you use your website for, you can also post advertisements on it. The more visited your website is, the more you can get from the ads. You can diversificate this process by creating a premium subscription option for users who would like to remove the ads.


    You can also do it the other way around and, instead of creating your own website, sublet the dedicated server capacities to other users for them to host their own websites.


    If you engage in trading, you can use your dedicated server to boost its performance, as it can take over numerous tasks that you would have to do manually otherwise.

    Trading using a dedicated server also provides you with reduced latency if you rent a server near to your target regions. Also the increased security of dedicated servers are useful in transactions that require sensitive data.


    A dedicated server is a potent solution for your activities on the world wide web. Whenever you invest in creating a website or to earn money on the internet in any other way.

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