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Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 in for review

Image: Google

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 is among the thinnest foldables around. It measures 5.4mm when unfolded, and 11.2mm when folded. Compare that to the Galaxy Z Fold4's 6.3mm/15.8mm, and the Xiaomi phone feels thin as air.

There's a lot to say about the Mix Fold 2 in comparison to the Galaxy Z Fold4. The Xiaomi foldable has a conventional-feeling outer display with a 21:9 aspect, which is much better than the Galaxy Z Fold4's improved, but still overly tall 23:9 cover screen. That means that using the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 when closed feels almost as natural as using any slab phone. The outer screen is also bigger at 6.56-inch compared to the Fold4's 6.2-inch screen.


Unfold the pair and the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 has another clear screen size advantage. Its inner display stretches 8.02 inches, or 206 cm2 in total area, while the Galaxy Z Fold4's foldable display is 7.6-inch or 183.2 cm2.

If you like your displays big, then the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 has a clear size advantage over the Galaxy Z Fold4. Which makes the fact that the Xiaomi phone is 1 gram lighter and overall thinner than the Samsung foldable even more impressive.

Samsung has some advantages of its own. Multitasking on the Galaxy Z Fold4 is far more advanced - it's easier to open an app in split screen view and you can have multiple instances of your browser app, which is something the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 cannot do. That's partly thanks to the Galaxy running Android 12L, which is optimized for folding phones, and the Xiaomi sticking to regular Android 12.

The Galaxy also has IPX8 water resistance certificate and support for the S Pen. Finally, the Galaxy Z Fold4 can be pre-ordered around the world, whereas the Mix Fold 2 is staying exclusive to China.

Outside of displays, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 continues with its impressive specs. Performance is up to snuff thanks to the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with 12GB of RAM. Camera-wise, there's a Leica-branded 50MP 1/1.56" Sony IMX766 optically-steady main camera. The back also houses a 13MP ultrawide camera and an 8MP telephoto module with 2x optical zoom.


The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 also has a decent 4,500mAh battery with impressive 67W charging.